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Are QR Codes Really Stupid?

When researching QR codes you may have possibly read the blog entry, “QR Codes Are Stupid“.  That was a blog post I wrote in another lifetime.  You may also have found articles fighting for the life of QR codes such as this one.

Without boring you with the ever lagging ongoing beating of a dead horse that is QR codes and the argument that they may or may not be dead, just enjoy this gallery of QR codes and decide for yourself of if they can serve a purpose.

Maybe the real questions is, “Do a lot of marketers actually still try to use these?”.  I pulled the first couple photos that automatically loaded into my G+ account via my phone to create this gallery.  I have about 40 more photos of different QR codes including one of my favorite from Fox News below:

As far and wide that I’ve searched for real conclusive evidence that placing QR codes can jdramatically enhance engagement or conversion, I’ve come up empty.

Jess3, a creative firm that specializes in data visualization, has pushed the envelope as far as the appearance of these ugly square shaped objects.  And as progressive and fun their work may be I still find myself asking where is the increase in engagement and conversion?

Here’s the part where you prove me wrong.  Submit your information showing CONCLUSIVE evidence that these square shaped objects increase the top line and I’ll send something special your way.



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One thought on “Are QR Codes Really Stupid?

    Is this report of 800% increase the kind of thing you’re looking for?
    This seems to be the sourc of the 800% increase comments around the web since 2011.

    Posted by Doug | February 10, 2012, 5:56 pm

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