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Stealing is Stealing, Mitt Romney!

Look, this may be petty. This may mean nothing. This could be just a thing that only bugs me.

In 1979 an ad produced by Saatchi & Saatchi promoting the conservative movement was launched in the UK. It was highly successful, has won awards and is super simple. The poster’s 3 words for copy, “Labor isn’t working,” is powerful and easy to get the whole message! It’s suggested that the combination of the few words and perfect illustration of this advertisement that made it so successful, and Saatchi & Saatchi successful.

It absolutely drives me nuts that Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney (I’d be just as bugged if any other candidate did this) stole this ad! By the way, you’re probably wondering how the heck I knew about this ad. I happened to be paging through advertisements in a book from Europe highlighting award winning advertising campaigns and found it. Here’s the photo I took and uploaded to my Facebook, notice the date. (click here on click the photo)

Now, here’s the Mitt Romney Version:

As you can see someone on his team has the level of creativity to create a nice video, fancy little website and then..BAM —lets just steal the idea and campaign slogan from across the pond!

If you want to call yourself the most presidential of the candidates, then please act as one. Be original. Get a bit creative! Since everyone on Klout is giving you K+ for “Flip Flips”, how about you use that as a campaign slogan. “Flip Flops, stupid yet everyone loves them!”

All I’m getting at here is that it is tasteless, mind numbing, frustrating and other words I dont know how to write to watch someone with your budget, team and of your presidential stature be unable to craft an original message.  Wake up Mitt, the US wants and deserves better than this!


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