This is the about Nathan Smoyer (me) page as obviously stated by the page tab. As much as I’d really love to tell you how awesome and cool I am…well I’m going to try to do that exactly.

Currently I work at Logos Bible Software as their head social media coordinator or as others constantly describe me as “the social media dude” and “that guy in charge of our twitter accounts”. To set the record straight this website represents only my views and not the views of Logos Bible Software.

I’ve recently moved to the Bellingham, Washington area from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. While in Harrisburg I was equal share partner of a marketing company known as Chatterbox Marketing. We specialized in social media integration and web and graphic design. As a business owner I was successful in working over 60 hours a week and making lots of mistakes (you may have to read that twice). I developed strategies for consulting firms that enabled those firms to land contracts with large national and international corporations.

Apart from being a business owner I maintained a high level of activity with the Harrisburg Young Professionals and was a founding board member of the Harrisburg Young Nonprofit Professionals Network. Of course when not busy doing all of that stuff I was working on other events for the public good. I was also very active as a volunteer for Vickie’s Angel Walk <–That is a must click link!.

When not doing any of that stuff, I performed as the master emcee for professional BMX stunt shows with the Dialed Action Sports Team and High Action Bikes from 2009 to 2011.

In 2010 I graduated with distinguished honors from Central Pennsylvania College. I achieved a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing and an additional focus in Accounting. During my college years I resided on the judiciary committee, was an active member of the marketing club and was the founding President of the Gamma Beta Phi Honors Society. I was the first Central Penn student to enroll in a special program through the college in partnership with the Washington Internship Institute in Washington, DC. That is where I successfully completed a 16 week internship at the Center for Nonprofit Advancement. I was successful in bringing international companies (such as Red bull) and widespread media attention (a pie fight with 1200 pies) during my 2 years at college.

Before college I did a whole host of fun stuff. Working with the largest privately held home builder and inc 500 company T.H.Properties from 2006 to 2008 was one of my best experiences thus far in life. As always, I stayed busy working on projects that mean more that money and status like an annual concert event known as Passion Fest. I was active with Passion Fest from 2006 to 2009. The event grew from an estimated 4,600 attendees to 18,000 attendees in those few short years.

Before Passion Fest I was challenged with the idea of building a facility for action sports in Pottstown. I began working on what would become known as Trilogy Park in 2000 while still a freshman in high school. The project was led by myself and several other parents and BMX riders from the Pottstown area. We successfully opened an NBL BMX race track in 2004. The track still operates today and is regarded as one of the best tracks in the country.

Lastly but not least I summarize this exhaustive rambling with this: none of this means anything in of itself. May all of the works I am blessed to be apart of be evidence of God and His majesty.



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